Sennheiser HD 65 Closed Back Dynamic TV Headphone Review – A Versatile Product

We predominantly review wireless TV headphones on our site. However, it’s not that wired headphones are written off totally. They are extremely popular and offer loss-free audio better than wireless headphones.  Many people still prefer wired headphones for watching TV , provided the length of the cord is long enough to offer them freedom of movement. Our team continues to work hard on researching and picking up best products for review and one of such good wired TV headphones is Sennheiser HD Read more […]

Blurex TV Headphones Review – Good Choice for Hearing Challenged People

The freedom of watching TV with their desired volume and privacy was a dream to many. Now that we have many TV headphones, that dream is more than fulfilled. On our website, we have been covering reviews of few great wireless TV headphones and in today’s review, we are examining one of the much-talked TV headphones – Blurex TV Headphones. Like any other wireless television headphones, Blurex headphones help you to watch TV without disturbing anyone in your home. Just wear it under your chin and Read more […]

Review of Sennheiser RS 165 RF Wireless Headphone System

For most of us, TV is a mandatory tool for entertainment. Many may not be interested in watching the TV sitting in front of it, but they do not want to miss the melodies from TV. There might be many other people at home who might get disturbed by the louder sound of TV when you try to hear the music from a far distance. To help all those who would not want to bother anyone but still want to enjoy the music, Sennheiser RS 165 RF Wireless Headphone System has been designed with a great adorable Read more […]

What is NFC and 5 Things You Must Know about NFC – Near Field Communication

NFC or Near Field Communication has been the topic of discussion lately, and it is regarded as the next big thing. Technology companies believe that It is going to revolutionise the way we communicate, pay our bills and even unlock our cars! Well, it’s actually happening as well ! NFC feature has begun to be incorporated in many of the leading laptops and smartphones. Having said that, a large population might want to learn about NFC and they might be hearing about NFC here and there but unaware Read more […]

Review of Sennheiser RS 195 Wireless Headphones – Perfect for TV Listening

Sennheiser is known to bring the products that are nothing short of exceptional quality and always satisfied the ears of hundreds of thousands of audio enthusiasts all over the world.high clarity when it comes to speakers and headphones. Headphones by Sennheiser has been widely used for watching Television (they are wireless, and that’s why) and the product that we have picked up today for reviewing is Sennheiser RS-195. Detailed Review of Sennheiser RS-195 Wireless Headphone Hands down, RS-195 Read more […]

Best Bluetooth Headphones in 2016 – The Ultimate Collection

Bluetooth headphones have shaken off the initial glitch they had faced and now has been dubbed as a convenient gadget. It is regarded as a boon even for those who want to listen to their music and move around the house. Bluetooth, being a robust communication protocol continues to dominate sound and audio industry with various connected devices.This is why we thought it is high time that we dedicate a section to the Best Bluetooth Headphones in 2016. Bluetooth headphones are immensely popular, Read more […]

How Wireless Headphones Work With TV

If you are one of those, who are wondering about how wireless headphones work with your television, then this article is for you. How Wireless Headphones Work With TV Wireless headphones are appropriate for any circumstances where you do not want to deal with hanging wires e.g., at the gym and in all-purpose as well. Furthermost wireless headphones and hands-free headsets are used for making and receiving calls with your mobile phone.   A wireless headphone does not produce poor sound. Wireless Read more […]

TV Headphones For Hearing Impaired

Loss of hearing disturbs whole life routine as impaired people find a lot of difficulties in hearing others, listening music even watching television. Impaired people always required a boost to hear the same level as normal people does to continue their conversation with others. But thanks to modern technology, with the aid of hearing devices, impaired people can raise their sound volume of radio and television without creating sound noise and disturbance for others. They can keep their enjoyment Read more […]

8 Things to Look for When Choosing DJ Headphones

Whether you’re a new or experienced DJ, one of the most important pieces of equipment in your arsenal is a pair of high quality DJ headphones. You’ve got to be able to hear every tiny little detail while beat matching your tracks so you can’t really skimp on quality. That said, you don’t have to take out a loan or break the bank to get a good pair of cans. It’s not a matter of how much you spend, it’s about what you get for your money. Here are some ways to choose the best DJ headphones for your Read more […]

Shure Headphones – Delight to DJs

If you run or work in a professional music studio, finding true sounding, durable headphones can be a real challenge. One of the most recommended and reliable headphones comes from Shure. Since 1927, that’s 87 years, Shure has been one of the top names in professional audio equipment and still is. All that experience, combined with latest in materials, technology and a genuine interest in creating the highest quality, most innovative products shows through in the SRH440 Professional Studio Read more […]