FAQ: How Do I Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Town And Country Touring Van?

How to Set up Bluetooth in Your Chrysler

  1. Make sure Bluetooth is activated on your mobile device and that the vehicle is stopped or in park.
  2. On your Chrysler Uconnect screen, press the Phone button > Add Device > Settings.
  3. On your mobile device, select your Chrysler from the Bluetooth menu.

How do I pair my Uconnect headphones to my phone?

Pair Your Smartphone in Four Simple Steps 1

  1. STEP 1: On your smartphone. Under Settings, press the Bluetooth® button and turn Bluetooth on.
  2. STEP 2: On your Uconnect® touchscreen.
  3. STEP 3: On your smartphone.
  4. STEP 4: On your Uconnect® touchscreen.

How do you use the VES on a town and country?

Using The Touch-Screen Radio Controls

  1. Press the MENU hard-key on the radio faceplate.
  2. Touch the Rear VES soft-key to display the Rear VES Controls. If a channel list is displayed, touch the HIDE LIST soft-key to display the Rear VES Controls screen.
  3. Touch the 1 or 2 soft-key and then the DISC soft-key in the VES column.

Does a 2008 Chrysler Town and Country have Bluetooth?

UConnect uses Bluetooth(R) technology to provide wireless communication between the customer’s compatible mobile phone and the vehicle’s onboard receiver. The UConnect control buttons are integrated into the vehicle’s radio head unit. Get complete specifications on these vehicles: 2008 Chrysler Town & Country LX.

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How do I connect to my Uconnect Chrysler?

Enable Bluetooth on your phone and select the option to search for new devices. Your phone should display “Uconnect” in the Bluetooth menu. Select “Uconnect” and enter the system’s PIN. Uconnect should announce “pairing complete.” Your phone is now paired.

Can you use Bluetooth headphones with Uconnect?

From everything I’ve read, UConnect doesn’t allow you to pair any other Bluetooth headphones, but you can use a Bluetooth transmitter/receiver in the 3.5mm headphone jack and pair THAT with Bluetooth headphones.

How do I pair my headphones to my car?

Hook your ear buds directly into your car’s radio by inserting the jack into the “Aux” port, if your car has one. Just as is the case with an iPod or portable CD player, doing so will transmit audio directly from the stereo output to your ears.

How do I program my Uconnect DVD remote?

Press the “Remote” button on the Uconnect Theater touchscreen found in the settings menu. Press the “Manage Remote Controls” button and confirm that there are no remotes already paired to the system. Push the back arrow button on the Remote to go back to the remote menu. Press the “Pair Remote” option.

Can you listen to the radio while a DVD is playing?

Yes, it takes a few minutes to configure this with the remote but you can listen to the radio through the car speakers and the DVD through the headphones at the same time. After the movie has started, you can just push the radio button and listen while the movie continues in the back.

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What is UConnect in a 2008 Chrysler Town and Country?

Uconnect allows you to have voice activated, hands free, in vehicle communication. Your wireless cell phone, combined with bluetooth technology, will allow you hands free calling for safe vehicle operation.

How do you reset the UConnect on a Chrysler Town and Country?

Ensure your vehicle is in park and in “Run” mode. Press and hold down the volume and tuner knob buttons at the same time. Hold down the knobs for 10 – 20 seconds. After holding down the knobs, the screen should flash your vehicle brand name and then go dark.

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