FAQ: How Long Does It Take The Headphones In An Xp Deus To Fully Charge?

Each High Capacity rechargeable Lipo battery offers 15 hours search coil use from just a 3 hour charge and, up to 27 hours headphone use from just a 3 hour charge.

How long does it take to charge XP Deus?

The Deus likes to be “topped up” rather than allow the battery to go flat and then charge it. So when you have finished detecting just put your machine on charge for a couple of hours. Maximum charge time is about 3 hours, it is not advised to leave the Deus on charge overnight or for extended periods.

How do I know when my XP Deus coil is fully charged?

The pictograms on the headphones and the remote control indicate when charging is underway symbol. The LED on the coil is on continually when charging is underway, when charging is complete, the LED reverts to flashing intermittently.

Are WS4 headphones waterproof?

XP WS4 cordless backphones details: XP WS4 wireless backphones, fully weatherproof, foldable, compact and lightweight. The XP WS4 headphones can be use In the absence of the remote control, the WS4 alone can operate the DEUS thanks to its built in controls, and without any power loss.

How do you turn off Deus headphones?

To turn the headphones on, press only the [-] button. To turn them off, press both the [-] and [+] buttons simultaneously.

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How do I charge Windows XP?

When you need to recharge the XP-1 itself, just plug it into a wall outlet at home or work. Your power bank can also be recharged by the cigarette lighter port in your vehicle. Both wall and mobile chargers are included with your Micro-Start kit, along with other cables and connector tips for powering your devices.

How do you ground balance in XP ORX?

On the controller, press the “ Ground Balance” button once briefly while pumping the coil to the ground. The ORX will grab and calibrate the current ground value and stabilise your ORX. The number on the lower left of the screen (GND BALANCE) displays the users set ground value.

How do I update my Deus metal detector?

To update your DEUS metal detector, you must first download the DEUS UPDATE software to your PC, then you will be able to enjoy the latest versions and features. Note that all the elements of your DEUS detector (Headphones, remote control, disks) must be updated.

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