Often asked: How To Get The Akg Headphones With Note 9 Preorder?

If you pre-order your Galaxy Note 9 in time, you can choose to receive a free pair of AKG noise-canceling headphones (worth $299, pictured above), or a free Fortnite Galaxy skin with 15,000 V-bucks (worth $150). Obviously, the latter will only appeal to folks interested in playing Fortnite on their new phone.

Which AKG headphones come with Note 9?

The AKG N60 NC are the better pre-order deal. Amid the fanfare of a new Galaxy Note 9 launch, Samsung is offering those who pre-order a choice: get some sweet AKG N60 NC headphones, or 15,000 Fortnite V-Bucks.

Do Samsung phones come with AKG headphones?

Best answer: Yes, Samsung provides a pair of AKG headphones in the box with every Galaxy S10.

Does Note 20 come with AKG headphones?

The Galaxy Note 20 doesn’t ship with AKG earbuds in the US, but you can ask for them. However, Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 20 series, comprised of the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra, don’t come with AKG earbuds in North America.

How do I claim free Samsung headphones?

Claim yours with these easy steps

  1. Purchase a Galaxy A41, A51, A51 5G or A71 between 05.08.20 – 02.09.20.
  2. Click ‘CLAIM ON MEMBERS’ below to claim on the Samsung Members app.
  3. Our team will review your claim and you will receive an email to confirm when it has been validated.
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Does the Note 9 come with headphones?

The headphone jack The Galaxy Note 9 is one of the precious few premium phones you can get with a 3.5mm jack. It even comes with a set of capable AKG earbuds in the box. If you’re trying to make the switch to USB-C audio (good luck with that), the Note 9 supports that as well.

What happened to AKG?

The company was acquired by the American company Harman International Industries in 1994. In 2016 it was announced that the AKG Vienna facilities (headquarters, manufacturing, and engineering) would be shut down in 2017, with a transfer of brand headquarters to California, USA.

Does Samsung Note 9 have headphone jack?

Galaxy S10e, S10, S10+ and Note9 all have a 3.5mm headphone jack so you can not only use the included AKG-tuned earphones, you can also use practically any headphones you’d like without worrying about proprietary plugs or a special earphone connector.

Do Samsung AKG earphones have a mic?

They don’t offer the best noise isolation so you’re still going to hear the people next to you on your commute (unless you swap out the ear tips with something a little better than the plastic ones they come with), but they do have a really solid feeling mic and remote.

Do Androids come with headphones?

Samsung will continue to include a pair of wired headphones with a USB-C connector in the box. If you need a pair of USB-C headphones that will work with the new Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Samsung will send you a pair free.

Does S21 come with headphones?

Why Samsung’s Galaxy S21 doesn’t come with a charger and earphones in the box. The Galaxy S21 series does not have earphones or a charger plug in the box because Samsung wants to minimize the impact our products have on the environment.

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Why do Samsung phones not come with headphones?

In a Q&A about why it’s no longer including headphones and a charging brick in the box, Samsung says it believes gradually removing the accessories from its phones could help make them more sustainable.

Why did Samsung remove the headphone jack?

One reason phone makers love to lose the jack: thinner bezels. Thin is in, and a smaller bezel footprint allows for a larger screen without adding to the phone’s overall size. Another, perhaps more cynical reason: The company’s own wireless earbuds ought to sell better when its phones lack a wired headphone jack.

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