FAQ: What Are Planar Headphones?

Planar magnetic headphones (sometimes called orthodynamic or isodynamic) can be considered to have elements of both dynamic and electrostatic headphones. A conductive diaphragm is sandwiched between an array of magnets to create a planar driver which can take be either round or square.

What are the advantages of planar headphones?

Advantages of planar magnetic headphones

  • Low Distortion. Planar magnetic drivers because of the electrical conductors in the diaphragm, the diaphragm itself is forced to move over its entire surface.
  • Tight Bass Response.
  • Amplifier Friendly.
  • Better Soundstage.

What is planar audio?

In a planar magnetic setup, the part that actually creates sound is an electrostatic-style thin, flexible material sandwiched between the outer layers of the mechanism. Like a dynamic driver, the sound in a planar magnetic driver is generated by regulating the electrical flow through wires suspended in between magnets.

Are planar magnetic headphones worth it?

Best answer: Planar magnetic headphones are more expensive than their dynamic driver cousins, but the better sound quality will surely be worth it. If you don’t want to spend too much, the HIFIMAN HE-400I are a great pair for a decent price.

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Is planar better?

So in summary, headphones with planar magnetic transducers often sound tighter, more controlled, and have better extension capabilities with less distortion for bass than dynamic drivers.

Is planar good for gaming?

The planar magnetic technology is the ultimate solution for frequent gamers, who participated in action video games playing and want the best quality immersive 3D audio headphones. If you are one of them then you’re in the right place to pick one today.

Are electrostatic headphones better?

Electrostatics use many of the same principles of how our music is recorded in the first place. Even at 100 dB SPL, these electrostatic headphones have only about 0.1% distortion down to 20 Hz! This lack of distortion is only one of many reasons why electrostatics sound so much better than ordinary transducers.

Do planar headphones need amp?

Planar magnetic headphones may require amplifiers to boost the voltage and current of the audio signal to achieve appropriate listening levels. However, these amplifiers will have an easy time driving the planar magnetic drivers. Headphone impedance is a deep and complex top.

How do planar speakers work?

Another alternative is the planar magnetic speaker. These units use a long, metal ribbon suspended between two magnetic panels. They basically work the same way as electrostatic speakers, except that the alternating positive and negative current moves the diaphragm in a magnetic field rather than an electric field.

What are planar magnetic speakers?

The planar magnetic speaker is a type of speaker closely related to the electrostatic speaker. Planar speakers use conventional magnetic principles, however, and are, therefore, dynamic loudspeakers. Thin wires from a plastic diaphragm form an equivalent of a voice coil stretched out lengthwise.

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Why are planar headphones so expensive?

The thing that makes planar cans so expensive is, you guessed it, their signature magnetic field. Dynamic headphones, the kind you probably own, send an audio signal through a coiled wire. When the audio signal goes through this film, it reacts similarly to magnets, causing the film and speaker diaphragm to move.

Are planar magnetic headphones safe?

Yes, magnetic headphones are safe. Intense magnetic fields could kill someone but, for instance, we can’t even build a static magnet with that sort of field strength. The ones we can build are the size of a room, so a tiny headphone magnet will do absolutely nothing to you. But they can cause you damage.

Do planar magnetic headphones need more power?

This isn’t true of all planar magnetics, but in general you should be comparing the sensitivity rating, not the Ohms to get an idea of why they need more power. Yes they do need more power, but its not because of their impedance.

How do you know if something is planar or nonplanar?

So a general simple rule is that: the molecule will not be planar if there is an sp3 hybridized carbon (or nitrogen) atom or two sp2 hybridized atoms of carbon/nitrogen which are separated by an even number of double bonds and no single bonds. Otherwise, its structure allows it to be planar.

What is a planar headphone Reddit?

Planars don’t use the traditional speaker with a cone and a coil, instead they use a thin diaphragm filled with conductors and are surrounded by magnets on both sides.

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What are magnetic planar headphones?

Planar magnetic headphones (sometimes called orthodynamic or isodynamic) can be considered to have elements of both dynamic and electrostatic headphones. A conductive diaphragm is sandwiched between an array of magnets to create a planar driver which can take be either round or square.

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