Question: How To Connect Soundpeats Bluetooth Headphones?

Take out both earbuds from the charging case and observe the white flash at first. After a few seconds, only the right earbud’s indicator will start flashing in red and white color. It means they are ready to pair. Hit the name on the available Bluetooth list and connect.

How do I put Soundpeats in pairing mode?

Activate the Bluetooth in your device and hit “SOUNDPEATS TrueFree R” on the Bluetooth list. Clear the pairing record between the earbuds and all of your devices. Hold and press the MFB of both earbuds for 10 seconds when in charging status, the LED indicator will ash red for 3 times if resetting successfully.

Why are my Soundpeats not connecting?

Take out both earbuds and turn them off, press and hold the buttons for 20s until the indicator flashes in red and white and goes out twice. Please take out both earbuds from the case to have them connect to each other at first after reset, then pair the right earbud to your device.

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How do I connect Bluetooth headphones to pairing mode?

Turn on the connecting Bluetooth device and place it within 3 feet (1 meter) of this unit. /POWER button (for the headphones) for more than 7 seconds while the Bluetooth headphones are turned off. When the indicator starts to blink quickly, release the button. The Bluetooth headphones enter Pairing mode.

How do you connect both Soundpeats?

– Take out both earbuds and turn them off, press and hold the buttons for 20s simultaneously until the indicators flash in red and white and go out twice. – Place back and then take out both earbuds to have them connect to each other at first, then pair the right earbud to your device.

How do I pair my Soundpeats Q?

Activate the Bluetooth on your device and hit “ SOUNDPEATS Q ” an the Bluetooth list to connect. The earbuds will prompt “Connected” after connecting successfully. SOUNDPEATS Q earbuds can remember previously paired device.

Why is my Bluetooth not connecting?

For Android phones, go to Settings > System > Advanced> Reset Options > Reset Wi-fi, mobile & Bluetooth. For iOS and iPadOS device, you’ll have to unpair all of your devices (go to Setting > Bluetooth, select the info icon and and choose Forget This Device for each device) then restart your phone or tablet.

Why I cant connect my Bluetooth headset?

If your Bluetooth devices won’t connect, it’s likely because the devices are out of range, or aren’t in pairing mode. If you’re having persistent Bluetooth connection problems, try resetting your devices, or having your phone or tablet “forget” the connection. Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.

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How do I reset my Soundpeats t2?

How to Reset?

  1. Clear pairing record between the earbuds and all your devices.
  2. Place back both earbuds into the charging case and make sure the earbuds are charging properly.
  3. Tap both MFBs for 5 times until the LEDs of both earbuds flash blue and white twice, reset complete.

How do I pair H1 Soundpeats?


  1. The earbuds automatically pair to each other a er being taken out from the charging case. LED on main earbud flashes in white and red, and LED on the secondary earbud stays in white.
  2. Activate Bluetooth on the device, and choose “SOUNDPEATS H1” on Bluetooth list to pair.

How do I pair my Soundpeats T2?

Pairing and Re-Pairing

  1. When the charging case is powered, open the charging case, then both earbuds will enter TWS pairing mode automatically.
  2. “SOUNDPEATS T2” will show up on the Bluetooth list, click it to connect.
  3. soundpeats T2 Bluetooth earbuds can remember previously paired devices.

How do I pair my Bluetooth headphones to my phone?

Tap the headphones listed. On an Android device, pull down the shade from the top of the phone and long-press the Bluetooth icon. It’ll bring you right to the Bluetooth menu where you can turn it on and then search for devices. Tap the name of the headphones you’re trying to pair.

How do I make my Bluetooth discoverable?

Step 1: Pair a Bluetooth accessory

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen.
  2. Touch and hold Bluetooth.
  3. Tap Pair new device. If you don’t find Pair new device, check under “Available devices” or tap More. Refresh.
  4. Tap the name of the Bluetooth device you want to pair with your device.
  5. Follow any on-screen instructions.
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How do I connect my wireless earphones to my phone?

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Android Phone

  1. First Open Settings.
  2. Next, tap Connections.
  3. Then tap Bluetooth.
  4. Then tap Scan at the top-right corner of your screen.
  5. Next, press and hold the power button on your headphones.
  6. Finally, find your headphones and tap them.

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