Quick Answer: How To Get Free Headphones From Apple?

If you believe that your EarPods qualify for a warranty replacement, contact Apple Support, make a Genius Bar reservation or visit an Apple Authorised Service Provider with a view to having them checked and to establish your available service options: Contact – Official Apple Support.

Can u get free headphones from Apple?

Apple’s back-to-school promotion for 2020 is an especially good one if you’re in need of some headphones. The iPad Air and MacBook Air are the entry point for the deal, and of course, more expensive items are eligible to get you the free headphones, like the MacBook Pro of any size or either size of the 2020 iPad Pro.

How do I get free 2021 AirPods?

Apple has launched its Back to School promotional offer for the 2021 season. Customers can get a free pair of AirPods bundled with the purchase of eligible Mac and iPad purchases. Free bundled AirPods are available as standard, and customers can pay the extra to get AirPods Pro.

How do I claim Apple Music for free?

How to get 6 free months of Apple Music

  1. Go to Best Buy’s website and sign up for an account with the store.
  2. Add the “Free Apple Music for six months” digital download to your cart.
  3. Go to your cart and check out.
  4. Wait for a digital code to be sent to the email address linked to your Best Buy account.
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Is Apple giving free AirPods?

Apple is giving away the first-generation AirPods for free, which means you get a benefit of Rs 14,900. You can upgrade to the second-generation AirPods (the one with a wireless charging case) or the AirPods Pro by paying the remaining amount, which is Rs 4,000 in the first case and Rs 10,000 in the second one.

Does Apple give students free AirPods?

In 2021, Apple gave college students a free set of AirPods for buying an eligible device. Apple allows customers to upgrade from AirPods to AirPods Pro with a $90 upcharge as well.

Is Apple giving free AirPods with MacBook?

Apple is offering students who buy a Mac or iPad, free AirPods under its “Back to School” programme in India. Those who are interested in AirPods Pro will be required to spend Rs 10,000. The AirPods, AirPods Wireless Charging, and AirPods Pro are originally selling for Rs 14,900, Rs 18,900, and Rs 24,900, respectively.

Are Airpod worth it?

Apple AirPods are pricey for a reason: they offer indisputably excellent quality. However, there are so many true wireless earbuds on the market that it’s worth taking the time to consider other available options. If, however, you want to take full advantage of Apple’s finest tech, they’re worth the investment.

How long does Apple student discount last?

Each promotion usually lasts about two months.

Can I listen to Apple Music without paying?

If you don’t have a paid subscription, Apple Music still lets you listen to music you’ve purchased, ripped, or uploaded to your device but you won’t get access to all the features Apple Music offers, like offline listening. You’ll also be able to listen to Apple Music 1 and listen to ad-supported Apple stations.

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How do I activate free AirPods Apple Music?

Users can simply pair their eligible AirPods or Beats model with the device and open up the Apple Music app. They will then have to sign in with their Apple ID. Following this, a prompt should notify the users of the ongoing offer on the service’s subscription.

How do I get my 6 month free Apple Music student?

Open the Apple Music app or iTunes. Go to Listen Now or For You. Tap or click the trial offer (one trial per person or family). Choose Student, then tap or click Verify Eligibility.

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